Eurovets Prez Kaschke invites brass to Frankfurt for pricey meeting

Kurt (tall guy in tan suit) and EMA Council colleagues.

Kurt Kaschke, recently re-elected president of European Masters Athletics, has invited 20 of his Eurovets friends, mostly on the council, to a three-day meeting soon at the swanky Lindner Congress Hotel Frankfurt in Germany. EMA apparently is picking up the tab (at an estimated cost of $18,000). EMA General Secretary Helena Pires de Carvalho sent attendees email beginning: “The meeting in Frankfurt is for focus on the development of European Masters during the next four years.” She attached a PowerPoint (which I converted to a PDF) and an attendance list (also here). The “targets” of the meeting are listed below. Nothing out of the ordinary. But WMA President Stan Perkins isn’t listed (he often attends such soirees.) And the meeting isn’t listed on the EMA website. (Par for the course for Kurt, known to remove items from the Web.) So what are they up to? We’ll see. Major rules or statute changes presumably have to be made at a General Assembly, but one hopes the council reports out what they’re recommending at the Nov. 3-5 meetings.

Here’s what Helen said in her email:

The target for this meeting 
> How could we work more professional in EMA administration and management – what are the next steps to work on?
> Governance of Sport – How could we manage EMA better?
> Media and PR – How could we use all the new resources in media for making Masters Athletics more attractive?
> Marketing and communication – How could we work together with sponsors for the benefit of both parts?
> Budget of EMA – How could we focus on investments in the near future?
After this meeting, we should collect ideas and decisions for the next steps in EMA Management.
This could be:
> encourage women to apply for key positions and change the position of “Women’s Representative” to a more relevant position
> change the constitution of EMA where it is necessary to work more effective
> use social media for our benefit
> have lifestreaming in all our competitions
> find sponsors with a corporate identity to masters athletics “you are never too old” etc
The meeting is located in Frankfurt (GER) / Main
 Lindner Congress Hotel Frankfurt Bolongarostraße 100
D – 65929 Frankfurt/Main
0049 69 33002 – 00
03.11. arrival in the afternoon/evening starting with dinner
04.11. seminar and meeting from 09.00h – 18.00h; 19.00 dinner
05.11. departure after breakfast
Please be so kind and send your Flight details (as the EX: attached) and a little CV with photo to our General Secretary Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho.

Who wants to do a presentation, please send to me it in order to send to all the participants as well.

Attached you have the agenda of the Seminar and other documents.
Best regards and thank you for being with us

Helena Pires de Carvalho
EMA General Secretary

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October 21, 2017

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  1. Krauze - October 22, 2017

    We can conclude that it is the EMA President’s Thanksgiving party in Frankfurt for the masters athletes money!
    It is worth considering whether 18,000 euros is a thoughtful expense by the EMA Council.
    We will see …. how much increase entry fees for our athletes in the next European Championships!

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