Hayward WRs to Colleen Milliman, Doug Torbert, Christa Bortignon

Colleen doesn’t look a day over 70.

A month ago, a newspaper in Roseburg, Oregon, told of a training group at Hayward Field in Eugene and said Colleen Milliman “wants to set a running record for 90-year-olds.” Over the weekend, it was mission accomplished! Colleen became the first woman over 90 to record a time for the track mile (indoors or out) at last weekend’s Hayward Masters Classic, clocking 13:26.46 in a mixed race. In W80, Christa Bortignon of Canada continued her string of horizontal jump WRs — going 6.81 (22-4 1/4) in the triple jump and 3.10 (10-2) in long jump. The meet site also reports: “Doug (Quenton) Torbert – M65 Shot Put – 16.66 (54-8). Broke the world record multiple times in series. Added 2 1/2 feet to the previous record!” Also noted: “American Record — Gary Patton — M70 3,000m – 11:29.29.” (See results here.) I’m especially curious about Colleen. I also suspect that W90 Evelyn Tripp had the potential to run a 13-minute mile off her WR in the 5000 of 46:24 at age 93.

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May 4, 2017

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  1. Charles Roll - May 5, 2017

    Wow, DOUG Torbert, your not getting older
    you’re getting better. Congrats.

    And congrats to all the record breakers.

  2. Joe Kessell - May 5, 2017

    Doug Torbert………………In the shot-put event you don’t go breaking a records by multiple feet, it is usually by inches.

    Doug, you continue to prove you are the best in the world and continue to rewrite the record books.

    Truly an amazing feat of athleticism and I believe the shot-put record of the last 30 years!!!

  3. Brian Nelson - May 9, 2017

    Nice article Ken! One small correction…Gary Patton ran 11.19.29 for his M70 AR 3K. His time is also listed incorrectly on Hayward’s Classic’s homepage although it is correct in the results.

  4. Gary Patton - May 9, 2017

    Ken failed to point out that Colleen’s race was the age-graded mile. Colleen and I finished 1st & 2nd. I’ll always point out the medal I got for coming in 2nd to a 90-year old lady when taking guests through my trophy room!

  5. Ken Stone - July 12, 2017

    Christa improves her own listed W80 WR in the long jump to 3.29 meters (10-9 1/2) at Trevor Craven meet at Burnaby Central High School in Canada:


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