Members-only area to debut Monday on

Member-only area will lighten lift.

John Seto has shared news that his all-world rankings site will offer special features for paying members only starting Monday. The vast database will continue to stay public. But this is John’s way of paying for his and others’ time updating the site. He writes: “You have told me (via survey) how you think that there should be members only areas which include MastersRankings’ best features. Your opinions and wishes for the site are very important to us and we want to fulfill your requests and wishes plus make this site even more exceptional.” He said members-only areas will include: current year’s progressive list, current year’s rankings numbers on personal profiles, and current year’s Rankings Awards Leader Boards. “Members’ benefits will evolve over time as we add the features you’ve requested and considering your feedback,” he wrote.

“Non-members will still be able to submit performances (still instantly listed), access all features from prior years including complete rankings lists (regardless if completed – we are still striving to complete rankings lists from 2013 – 2015), personal profiles, rankings awards leader boards, etc. plus current year’s progressive #1 ranked performance, meet results, athlete profiles (without rankings) and upcoming competitions.”

John says tax-deductible memberships are good for a year for a minimum of $25, and “voluntary contributions above the minimum membership are welcome.” Sign up here.

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June 3, 2016

5 Responses

  1. Gary Dixon - June 4, 2016

    Way to go John! Can’t wait to sign up and see the new features. Thank you for all you and your staff does for Masters Field and Track.

  2. Jim Burgoyne - June 4, 2016

    I agree with Gary. John is tireless in his efforts to make the rankings site as flawless as possible. This is a great step towards helping support his efforts. Now, maybe he can get some sleep! Oh, and some throws in!!!!

  3. Roger Vergin - June 4, 2016 is an incredibly invaluable asset to masters track. I only discovered masters track and field competition at the age of seventy. Then, after a few local meets, I discovered Mastersrankings.

    Finding that masters were ranked motivated me to move from winning a local event to aiming for the top 25 nationally. Then the top 10. Soon my goal was a national championship. Eight years later, at age 78, I’ve won 28 national championships in 9 different events, All American standard in 27 events, and have competed in 20 states.

    Without Masters Ranking I would not have ventured beyond the sprints, nor have traveled far from home to compete.

    The magnitude of work that is required to develop and maintain the program, manage the website and particularly to enter the vast quantity of data would be a big job for four people to handle. On today, you can see that there are 872,414 performances listed representing 125,608 athletes from 163 nations.

    Try entering even one thousand performances and it will drive you batty. How does all this work get done? Quite simply, John Seto does it — though it takes his days, nights, and weekends to get it done.

    I urge all masters track and field athletes to support John’s prodigious efforts to provide this invaluable information to us and sign up for the yearly membership and send off the $25.

    Many athletes have provide much larger donations over the last couple of years of $100, $250, $500 or more. I encourage those generous benefactors to continue their contributions well beyond the $25.

    If our financial support rises to the level that John is able to hire help to enter data, he can spend more of his time improving and expanding the site and as Jim suggested above, get in some throws himself.

  4. Matt B. - June 10, 2016

    I know Americans who use Power of 10.
    No charge. It has rankings.

  5. Cheryl - June 18, 2016

    Most of the features are not available unless your a member. You can only see the top mark in an age group. For the rare viewer, who may not even be a Masters Runner, $25/year is a little expensive. What if a meet or reporter wants to check a mark or a ranking. They have to pay $25 to do so? Master’s track is getting expensive with meet fees, travel and memberships. Why I appreciate the work, I only check the ranking about twice a year. I wouldn’t mind paying a one time fee or a lesser yearly fee.

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