Mike Brown’s M55 javelin WR record came on strained quadriceps

Mike Brown at Lahti worlds.

Has anyone ever set a masters world record when they were 100 percent fit and pain-free? It no longer surprises me when recordfolk note their issues. Latest is Mike Brown, the Florida coach who upped his own M55 world record in the javelin last weekend. Mike writes: “Conditions were kinda warm, about 95 or so – about average for the South. I was surprised as I had pulled a quad a week before and it was still bothering me. I hit a clean throw at a good angle and it just kept going. I was pretty happy. My series was 57 something, 66.11 WR, 62 something, and 64 something. I passed the last two throws as my quad was saying, ‘You have had enough fun – stop.’ ” Then he answered two of my quickie questions: “Heck yeah I am going to the nationals,” Mike says, “and heck yeah I think I can throw a couple of meters farther – every thrower thinks so.”

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June 18, 2010

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  1. Barry Warmerdam - June 20, 2010

    Nice job, Mike! Your continued assaults on the world record have been a joy to follow, especially for a fellow M55 javelin thrower. Keep it up!

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