Penn Relays amounting to masters nationals for sprinters

So where would YOU rather run — at a hot North Carolina meet with a few dozen fans in the stands, or during prime time of a cool Philly event with 50,000 people roaring themselves hoarse? The lineups of the masters sprints at this year’s Penn Relays are so loaded, they should be declared national championships. Our friend Larry Libow of in Massachusetts has shared the race rosters with us. Most of the big guns are coming — Bill Collins, Aaron Thigpen, Allen Tissenbaum, Bobby Whilden, Courtland Gray, Val Barnwell. The list goes on.

These are the entries in the men’s 100-meters:
Seed Age Team Name
1 M40 Gamespeed Aaron Thigpen
2 M40 Southwest Sprinter TC Ken Travis
3 M40 Central Park TC Mitch Lovett
4 M40 Allstars Courtney Muhammad
5 M40 Team Ohio TC Duane Gosa
6 M40 Southwest Sprinter TC Trent Hagler
7 M40 Milwaukee TC Kevin Ellis
8 M40 Central Park TC Wyndell Dickinson
9 M40 Maryland Masters Jeff Gold
10 M40 So. Cal. Cougars Chris Faulkner
11 M40 Unattached Orlondo Matthews
12 M40 Houston Elite Henry Landry
13 M40 Maryland Masters Darnell Smith
14 M40 Houston Elite Alan Sims
15 M40 Maryland Masters Robert Harding
16 M40 Houston Elite Donald Hardy
17 M40 Delaware Diamonds Michael Burke
18 M40 Speedwest TC Kettrell Berry
alt 1 M40 Unattached Don Fields
1 M45 Houston Elite Allan Tissenbaum
2 M45 Central Park TC Val Barnwell
3 M45 Unattached Tony Fulton Sr.
4 M45 Maryland Masters Eugene Vickers
5 M45 Maryland Masters Derek Holloway
6 M45 Mass Velocity TC David Neumann
7 M45 Venom Sports Rudy Briscoe
8 M45 Speedwest TC James Chinn
9 M45 Philadelphia Masters Tony Disalvo
Alt 1 M45 Shore AC Phil Bujalski
Alt 2 M45 Newburgh Elite Malcolm Burks
Alt 3 M45 Carolinas T&F C Michael Kountze
1 M50 Maryland Masters Oscar Peyton
2 M50 Can-Am Masters Kerry Smith
3 M50 Maryland Masters Neville Hodge
4 M50 Maryland Masters Tom Jones
5 M50 Sprint Force America Robert Bowen
6 M50 Maryland Masters Herb Lynch
7 M50 Speedwest TC Greg Pizza
8 M50 Team Ohio TC Warren Braswell
9 M50 Mass Velocity TC Cochise McBride
Alt 1 M50 Houston Elite Willard Thompson
Alt 2 M50 Sprint Force America Neil Steinberg
Alt 3 M50 Aura TC John Brooks
1 M55 Houston Elite Bill Collins
2 M55 Central Park TC Alston Brown
3 M55 Team Ohio Lloyd Hathcock
4 M55 Central Park TC Kenrick Smith
5 M55 Team Ohio Mike Daniels
6 M55 Unattached Jerry Scriver
7 M55 Tendonitis AC Robert Davis
8 M55 Mass Velocity Lee Hess
9 M55 Philadelphia Masters John Borden Sr.
1 M60 Maryland Masters Robert Koontz
2 M60 Mass Velocity TC Roger Pierce
3 M60 Maryland Masters Melvin Fields
4 M60 Aura International Ron Johnson
5 M60 Unattached Courtland Gray
6 M60 Team Ohio Clarence Ray
7 M60 Unattached Tony Powell
8 M60 Carolinas T&F C Samuel Hall
9 M60 Garden State AC Farah Shabazz
Alt 1 M60 Team Ohio Allen Huff
Alt 2 M60 Garden State AC Paul Henry
Alt 3 M60 Team Ohio Calub Brown
1 M65 Maryland Masters Alby Williams
2 M65 Atlanta TC Marion Harrison Jr.
3 M65 Mass Velocity TC Richard Camp
4 M65 Team Ohio Harry Tolliver
5 M65 Florida Speed Irv Heath
6 M65 Philadelphia Masters Kallukkat Thomas
7 M65 Miles Ahead John Lewis
1 M70 Houston Elite Bobby Whilden
2 M70 Unattached Lloyd Williams
3 M70 Boston TC Bill Wright
4 M70 Univ of Penn Walter Palmer
5 M70 Unattached Larry Wilson
6 M70 Florida Bebsie Thompson
1 M75+ Glenarden TC Wilton Gordon [77]
2 M75+ Unattached Wilford Scott
3 M75+ Philadelphia Masters Bert Lancaster [77]
4 M75+ Unattached Austin Leary [75]
5 M75+ Philadelphia Masters Oscar Harris [82]
6 M75+ Philadelphia Masters Champ Goldy Sr. [89]
7 M75+ New Freedom Striders William Johnson Jr. [75]
8 M75+ Unattached James Wiggins [87]
9 M75+ Unattached Leo McEvoy [85]
10 M75+ Unattached Robert Matteson [89]
Here are the relay fields:
Seed Event Club Team
1 M40:4×100 Allstar team Aaron Thigpen, Kettrell Berry, Don Fields, Willie Gault
2 M40:4×100 Southwest Sprinters TC David Jones, Trent Hagler, James Chinn, Ken Travis
3 M40:4×100 Allstars Chris Faulknor, Tim Woods, Courtney Muhammad, Rawle Crichlow
4 M40:4×100 Maryland Masters Darnel Smith, Eugene Vickers, Derek Holloway, Jeff Gold
5 M40:4×100 Fast-at-forty Clayton Roy, Lenny Russell, John Holmes, Kenny Thomas
6 M40:4×100 Central Park TC Val Barnwell, Wyndell Dickinson, Darnell Gatling, Mitch Lovett
7 M40:4×100 Houston TC Alan Sims, Donald Hardy, Henry Landry, Allan Tissenbaum
8 M40:4×100 Mainliners Stuart Field, Ross Donolow, Steve Galetta, Lee X
9 M40:4×100 Shore AC Keith Davis, Greg Foster, Phil Bujalski, Pat Dolan
alt 1 M40:4×100 Philadelphia Masters Randy Frey, Rick Evans, Tony Desalvo, Fred Barrett
1 M50:4×100 Houston TC Charles Allie, Mark Hastings, Rick Riddle, Bill Collins
2 M50:4×100 Maryland Masters Neville Hodge, Gary Crawford, Tom Jones, Oscar Peyton
3 M50:4×100 Can-Am Masters Dennis Pelkey, Kerry Smith, Horace Hudson, Michael Fortunato
4 M50:4×100 Sprint Force America Neil Steinberg, Robert Bowen, Greg Pizza, Archie Glasby
5 M50:4×100 Tendonitis AC Rockdale Hudson, Darryl Decker, Robert Davis, Tom Gillen,
6 M50:4×100 Team Ohio Ron Murphy, Warren Braswell, Mike Daniels, Lloyd Hathcock
7 M50:4×100 Central Park TC Kenrick Smith, Errol Lee, Trevor King, Alston Brown
8 M50:4×100 Mass Velocity TC A Greg McBride, Lee Hess, Carroll Blake, Jeff Elliot
9 M50:4×100 Mass Velocity TC B David Westover, Tucker Taft, Tom Cunningham, Charlie Kelly
Alt 1 M50:4×100 Philadelphia Masters Gary Leigh, Phil Felton, Wendel Williams, John Borden
Alt 2 M50:4×100 Shore AC Don Passman, Jeff Moore, Al Cestero, Rick Lapp
1 M60:4×100 Maryland Masters Larry Colbert, Robert Koontz, Melvin Fields, Marion Harrison
2 M60:4×100 Team Ohio Allen Huff, Calub Brown, Harry Tolliver, Clarence Ray
3 M60:4×100 Garden State AC Roosevelt Weaver, Glen Schmehl, Paul Henry, Farah Shabazz
4 M60:4×100 Mass Velocity TC Roger Pierce, Warren Graff,Sam Hall, Matt Pruitt
1 M40:4×400 Allstar team Kettrell Berry, Willie Gault, Cornell Stephenson, Sal Allah
2 M40:4×400 Southwest Sprinters TC Tony Echeandia, James Chinn, Ken Travis,David Jones
3 M40:4×400 Allstars Chris Faulknor, Tim Woods, Ben James, Courtney Muhammad
4 M40:4×400 Central Park TC Gladstone Jones, Darnell Gatling, Anselm Lebourne, Mitch Lovett
5 M40:4×400 2ndWind TC Dan Weiss, Marc Nesbitt, Alex Young, Jim Reilly
6 M40:4×400 Maryland Masters Eugene Vickers, Derek Holloway, George Ridley, Darnel Smith
7 M40:4×400 Synergy TC Clinton Aurellien, William Marshall, Howard Lindsay, David Bynoe
8 M40:4×400 Pineland Striders Kevin Doyle, John Shea, Kelly Pitman, Jim O’Donnell
9 M40:4×400 Phila. Athletics Charities Ray Parker, Chuck Shields, Kevin Forde, Scott Landis
10 M40:4×400 Mass Velocity TC David Neumann, Terrence Haynes, Charlie Kelly, Carroll Blake
11 M40:4×400 Shore AC Keith Davis, Gerard Pearlberg, Pat Dolan, Phil Bujalski
1 M50:4×400 Houston TC Horace Grant, George Haywood, Bill Collins, Charles Allie
2 M50:4×400 Maryland Masters Tom Jones, Gary Crawford, Oscar Payton, Joe Burno
3 M50:4×400 Sprint Force America Bob Bowen, Neil Steinberg, Frank Schirro, Archie Glasby
4 M50:4×400 Central Park TC Errol Lee, Tom Hartshorne, Trevor King, Alston Brown,
5 M50:4×400 Team Ohio Allen Huff, Harry Tolliver, Lloyd Hathcock, Ron Murphy
6 M50:4×400 Pineland Striders Rick Brown, Bob Stanfill, Ian Stevenson, Bob Schuler
7 M50:4×400 Mass Velocity TC A Carroll Blake, James Morton, Greg McBride, Charlie Kelly
8 M50:4×400 Mass Velocity TC B Tucker Taft, Tom Cunningham, Ralph Souppa, Jeff Elliot
9 M50:4×400 Shore AC Don Passman, Tony Plaster, Mel Ullmeyer, Rick Lapp
10 M50:4×400 W. Pennsylvania TC John Roebuck, John Aiken, Bruce Frey, Barry Horwick
1 W40:4×400 Athena TC Michaeli Smith, Terri Rath, Julie Hayden, Lorraine Jasper
2 W40:4×400 Atoms TC Lisa Holley, Dawn Best, Lorna Forde, Alethea Morris
3 M60:4×400 Garden State AC Farah Shabazz, Glen Schmehl, Bob Fuhrman, Paul Henry
4 M60:4×400 Maryland Masters Larry Colbert, Robert Koontz, Melvin Fields, Marion Harrison
5 W40:4×400 Nike Central Park TC Susan Krogstad-Hill, Susan Pearsall, Andrea Ostrowski, Stacy Creamer
6 W40:4×400 Shore AC Beth Zebuth, Theresa Marciani, Wendy Glassman, Christine Murphy
7 M60:4×400 Mass Velocity TC Roger Pierce, Warren Graff, Matt Pruitt, Larry Barnum
8 M60:4×400 Shore AC John McDonald, John Kuhi, John Saarman, Mauro Altizio
Me again: This is a place where masters relay bests are set — not the USATF masters nationals, where relays are for fun and fellowship after many heats and finals for individual titles. Also, Penn doesn’t lets any four ladies and gents run together in a given age group — no restrictions on club membership or regional USATF affiliation.
If the weather cooperates, records will fall like rain.

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April 19, 2006

4 Responses

  1. Francis A Schiro - April 20, 2006

    Golly…i did NOT see the MOST important Masters sprinters name mentioned in your brief piece on Penn…whats up Ken??????????????? PHIL FELTON IS THE MASTERS PROGRAM AT PENN…..he is the one doing ALL the real work!!!!We Masters are good at “taking” Phil on the other hand is a Masters sprinter who is “GIVING”.The program he has developed and consequently runs is almost flawless.Anytime i needed help or assistance at Penn Phil was immediate in his response. PHIL FELTON IS A TREASURE AND MAKES PENN WORK SMOOTHLY…trust me its A LOT OF WORK…How about a big THANK YOU to Phil as we congratulate ourselves on our various efforts??? I also feel Felton should be “officially” recognized for all his time and effort…This man is the MOST IMPORTANT MASTERS SPRINTER who will be at the Penn Relays…NO QUESTION ABOUT THAT……THANKS YET AGAIN PHIL!!!!

  2. Richard Rizzo - April 20, 2006

    It is about time that someone actually thanked Phil personally for all his hard work. As Frank said Phil always is there to help out in any way possible to assist everyone in need of direction pertaining to PENN. His response to any matters that need correcting are always direct and to the point!!
    So Phil I also want to thank you for all the years that you have taken charge of the MASTERS program at PENN!! Keep up the excellent effort & good luck in your race next week!

  3. Chuck Shields - April 21, 2006

    Alisa Harvey is entered in Olympic Development mile.
    Mile Run (Event 265 — Saturday, 4:50 pm)
    1 Erin Donahue Nike
    2 Jemissa Hess North Carolina State
    3 Maggie Infeld unattached
    4 Emer O’Shea Boston Athletic Assoc.
    5 Jennifer Davis Westchester TC
    6 Sascha Scott Mizuno Runners High
    7 Calandra Stewart Texas Christian
    8 Jennifer Kemp West Chester TC
    9 Brooke Kish unattached
    10 Jessica Manzer Willow Street Racing Club
    11 Ashley Urick United States Army
    40 Alisa Harvey unattached

  4. Elijah Cole Jr. - August 1, 2009

    I am a 72 years old sprinter and I would like to know have any 70 years old person ever ran the 100 meters in less than 12 seconds.
    The reason is because in a few days I will be setting a new worlds record
    in the 100 meters. I have as my goal world records for the 100 and 200 meters, the tripple jump and the broad jump.
    I do not have any official time for any master meets for 2008 and I am not allowed to take part in the San Francisco meet based on their rules, so I will be seteting records in small meets sanctioned by the usa track and field. Remember my predictions Bobby Whildens record will be broken by me (12:71)
    Elijah Cole Jr.

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