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Alisa Harvey claims W40 mile record at Penn

Don’t blink when Alisa Harvey takes the track. At Penn, while masters sprinters and relayists dominated attention, Alisa doubled her fun by smashing the W40 American records in the 1500 and mile, competing against national-class open runners. This gives her at least a half-dozen middle-distance records for her debut W40 season. So reports Penn, via […]

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Berry Berry good race for M40 team at Penn

It wasn’t a record, but the winning M40 4×4 team at Penn came scary close. The all-time best M40 4×4 is the venerable 3:25.40 by the Philadelphia Masters (Dhamiri Abayomi, Robert Stanford, Jim Burnett and Edwin Roberts) way back in 1983. (April 30 correction: Actually, the record is 3:20.83 by Sal Allah, Kevin Morning, Ed […]

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Austin powers to M75 victory at Penn Relays

At Penn, the geezer 100 is a crowd-pleaser, especially after Everett Hosack ran at age 100 several years ago. It’s contested during prime-time on Saturday — a day after the other age-groupers run. The race formally is called the 75-and-older 100. This year’s winner was Austin Leary, age 75 — an apparent newcomer. Haven’t heard […]

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Looks like rain ruined Drake masters mile

Raw results are nearly meaningless, but the masters mile marks at today’s Drake Relays indicate something slowed down the likes of M40 greats John Hinton (winner in 4:23.85) and Tony Young (nearly seven seconds back). I checked out the hourly weather conditions for Des Moines, Iowa (site of Drake), and learned that it’s been raining […]

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Bill Collins cranks out another world record

Thank God Bill Collins is 55. It leaves the M50 group all to me! Hahaha. Kidding. But what can you say about the standing-start Houston flash? At the Penn Relays today, he ran the 100 in 11.50. Another day, another world record. He crushed the oldest masters 100-meter record on the books — the 11.57 […]

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Masters majordomo offers half-price entry fee

Frank Schiro, the heroin-conquering masters sprinter, is celebrating the 21st anniverary of a road race he founded 21 years ago, where all proceeds go to Integrity House, a drug- and alcohol-treatment program in New Jersey. He writes: “This race is a positive statement that athletics transcends any high from a substance — and secondly that […]

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Is South America ready for prime-time WMA world meet?

Every time a new IAAF newsletter come out (in PDF format), I download it to see if any masters athletes have been nailed for a doping offense. The April newsletter has no such bad news this time. But it does have an interesting section devoted to the workings of that mysterious entity known as the […]

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Wendell Palmer still going strong in M70 throws

Wendell Palmer is a beast. I say that in a nice way. He’s a world-class thrower (and record holder) with great genes (his mother, Margaret Palmer White, died at age 102 after competing in the throws as late as 100). On April 8, at the Jackrabbit Relays in Odessa, Texas, Wendell was out throwing his […]

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Mary Harada salutes an inspiration, Louise Adams

Today’s issue of Runner’s World Daily (the online unit) carries another chat with a masters superstar — this time W70 Mary Harada, Linz medalist and world record holder in the indoor mile. In a typical show of masters modesty and gratitude, she credits her running friend Louise Adams as a role mdoel and supportive friend. […]

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Time for New World to get back in the game

Anyone out there wanna host a big ol’ track meet? World Masters Athletics has posted a reminder that the deadline for submitting bids for the 2010 world indoor championships and the 2011 world outdoors is September 1, 2006. If North America were to win one of the meets, it would mark nearly a decade after […]

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