Phil Raschker elevates her game (again): WR in W65 pentathlon

On Day 1 of worlds, Phil Raschker added to her legend by setting another world record in the pentathlon — her second of the season. At Bloomington nationals, she scored 4,670 points. Today in Jyväskylä, she raised the bar to 4,713. Her marks and points: 10.62 / 1123 (60 hurdles), 4.18 / 1007 (long jump), 7.55 / 696 (shot put), 1.30 / 1119 (high jump) and 3:16.30 / 768 (800 meters). We also hear from Weia Reinboud: “Olga Kotelko just jumped 0.61 (2-0) in the pentathlon. She is 93 and the oldest women ever in the high jump! Phil did an attempt at 1.33 (4-4 1/4) but stopped after her first try. The indoor world record W65 is 1.31 (outdoor much higher).”

Ron Jerome photo of Phil in the pentathlon high jump at Finland worlds today.

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April 3, 2012

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  1. marie Kay - April 3, 2012

    As always Phil was awesome to watch.. i wish her best on the rest of her events.. Congrats on the WR superstar!!

  2. Milan Jamrich - April 4, 2012

    How do I access the results? I see only entry lists.

  3. Milan Jamrich - April 4, 2012

    Ok, as far as results are concerned, this site sucks…

  4. Larry Barnum - April 4, 2012

    Earlier today the site was great with results posted quickly, showing 60m & 800M heats and finals. (ie. 60m. in M60, M65 and M75 the winning times were faster than listed WR)

    But just went back there and the Day 1 and Day 2
    results pages don’t seem to be working right now.
    Hopefully they’ll get those fixed and be back on line soon.

  5. Weia Reinboud - April 5, 2012

    A trick that often works: open an entry list, remove the last ‘L’ in the URL and you get the results!

  6. Weia Reinboud - April 5, 2012

    Day 1 is now on the site. Day2 gives day 1 plus day 2, scroll down.

  7. Milan Jamrich - April 6, 2012

    Ok, it works fine now

  8. Weia Reinboud - April 7, 2012

    Olga today is again the oldest ever, now with an indoor world record of 0.76.

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