Pray for Florida, including USATF association and masters there

Hurricane Irma will leave tracks waterlogged throughout Florida, if forecasts are accurate. But that’s the least of our concerns as the monster storm bears down on the Sunshine State. Masters nationals were held in Jacksonville two years ago, and many of our stars reside in the state. I hope everyone has moved to safety and the damage is light to your homes and businesses. Please post a note on how you’re faring, Florida masters. Let us know if you need any specific help.

A single association of USA Track & Field covers the whole state of Florida.

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September 8, 2017

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  1. Thomas Sputo - September 9, 2017

    Today was the calm before the storm, literally. Gary Dixon and Bob Arello in the Sarasota area did what they could to tighten up things. Gary and his wife Carol went to Carol’s parents nearby to wait this out. Bob Cahners is in the Naples area, and if the path holds, Naples is going to have some bad flooding. I’m in Gainesville in North Central Florida and the track is showing around 50 miles west of me. I’m expecting winds up to 70 mph, but I’m high and dry and I literally live in a stone house … field stone and concrete constructed in 1928.

    The communities on the coast, from Homosassa up through the Big Bend area are probably going to see conditions worse than the 1993 Storm of the Century.

    Putting on my structural engineer hat, the storm track moving west has helped regarding wind damage, but the west coast of Florida is going to have massive flood damage in the low lying areas.

    All we can do now is wait. The die is cast.

  2. Thomas Sputo - September 9, 2017

    Also, James Griffin from South Florida evacuated to friends in the DC area. James is a masters thrower and has done some excellent things as a coach in Broward.

  3. christel donley - September 9, 2017

    Praying for safety for all of you, is about all we can do.

    Wishing you strength.

    Christel and Jerry

  4. tb - September 9, 2017

    Good luck, Thomas. I know little of hurricanes but this one sure looks like a monster.

  5. Gary Dixon - September 10, 2017

    We boarded up our home as best we could, filled the bathtubs, wrapped about 15 family photo albums and two computers in heavy plastic bags, and took what we needed to my mother-in-laws for the duration. (With our three dogs) So far so good, with the exception of three teen aged nieces……they are killing me! We have a generator with 30 gallons of fuel. I staged another generator back at our home for the cleanup that begins Tuesday. So were all set for whatever happens. Locked and loaded literally and figuratively. All of us in here in sunny Florida thank all of you in fhe dry states for all your prayers. Be back soon.

  6. John Impson - September 10, 2017

    You folks are in for a life changer. We were in basically the eye of Katrina here in Waveland, Ms. destroyed everyhing. 12 years later and still recovering.
    Just be safe, it’s just stuff when you lose everything.
    Just got word the Cajun navy is staging in Gulfport to come in behind Irma. Trust them, they did as much in Louisiana last year and in the Houston area than any federal rescue on the ground crew.
    Approach FEMA with a word of caution, be careful what you sign off on initially, we found out the hard way after Katrina.
    Above all, be safe.

  7. Bryan Pierce - September 11, 2017

    Checking in from Clearwater: mainly a big wind and rain event in the Tampa Bay area. Neighbor and training partner Jeff Mack just made it home a few hours ago after working as a first responder. We dodged a HUGE bullet in our area…looking forward to returning to the oval office!

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