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A mission statement for Besides muckraking?

Veteran readers know what to expect from this site: the unexpected. Also recurring rants on records, quickie Q&As, self-deprecating humor and links to obscure foreign sites. But Janet Johnston, whose comment was No. 32,773 here since January 2003, makes a good suggestion: Why not a mission statement? “Your mission statement would help your readers know […]

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American Samoa’s John Wasko missed chance to compete in China

Oh drat. M70 sprinter John Wasko had a chance to be the only American to compete at the Asian Masters Athletics Championships in northeast China. But alas, he tells me via FB, he got his invite less than 30 days before the meet, which ended this week. “Not much time for travel plans, ticketing, visa […]

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W100 Man Kaur a no-show at Asian Masters meet; so are results

Responding to my incessant queries, WMA President Stan Perkins graciously shares what he knows about the Asian Masters Athletics Championships, now completed, in Rugao, China. He says the 100s are over, and India’s W100 celebrity sprinter Man Kaur was a no-show. Stan writes: “I have spoken with the Indian Team management and they have not […]

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Joe Ruggless resigns from SoCal Striders in wake of Facebook post

Until this week, M60 sprinter Joe Ruggless was planning only to step down as leader of the Southern California Striders. But after his unfiltered Facebook post circulated via this blog and email, he’s decided to quit the masters track club all together. “The board [had] asked me to stay on another term to help bring […]

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China bars W100 Indian sprinter Man Kaur from AMA champs

Looks like China didn’t want its centenarians overshadowed by India’s centenarian. That’s my take on the latest politics-infects-sports story: “The last four months have seen 101-year-old Chandigarh athlete Man Kaur shift base to Punjabi University, Patiala, along with her 79-year-old son Gurdev Singh, to train for the Asian Masters Athletics Championships to be held in […]

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President of Southern California Striders backs Trump on ‘SOBs’

Joe Ruggless, a national-class M60 sprinter, is president of the Southern California Striders, a diverse club of champion masters athletes. Over the weekend, Joe posted [and apparently deleted] a 685-word defense of Donald Trump’s condemnation of NFL players who “take a knee” during the playing of the national anthem. The president said at an Alabama […]

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3 centenarians expected at Asian Masters Athletics Championships

Africa, Europe and NCCWMA (us) have held WMA regional meets this year. Now it’s Asia’s turn. For the next five days, “more than 1,900 masters athletes from 20 countries and regions will gather in Rugao [China] to display their skills to the full” at the Asian Masters Athletics Championships, says an LOC press release. “Therein, […]

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Puerto Rico catastrophe sparks memories of 1983, 2003 worlds

Hurricane Maria, destroying power to Puerto Rico for months, is a catastrophe for the island. It brings to mind the fifth and 15th World Masters Athletics Championships — held in San Juan and Carolina in 1983 and 2003. Forty world records were set in the first visit and 27 the second. Al Sheahen’s account of […]

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W50 Geraldine Finnegan claims tetradecathlon (14 events) WR

After claiming six individual medals at Daegu worlds and a handful more at the Auckland World Masters Games, W50 multi-eventer Geraldine Finnegan of Ireland was still hungry for more. How hungry? Try competing in 14 events over two days. Her local paper reports that she won her age group at a Belgian tetradecathlon, and set […]

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Hold medal ceremonies at masters nationals? Most efficient way?

World-class W45 sprinter Emma McGowan posed a question on the USATF Masters Facebook page that deserves attention: “Who thinks it would be a great idea to have a podium ceremony at all indoor and outdoor Masters Championships? Great suggestion or not?” My reaction: “Many meets schedule awards ceremonies near the track, but not stopping competition. […]

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