W100 Man Kaur a no-show at Asian Masters meet; so are results

Good for China, but where can we see results?

Responding to my incessant queries, WMA President Stan Perkins graciously shares what he knows about the Asian Masters Athletics Championships, now completed, in Rugao, China. He says the 100s are over, and India’s W100 celebrity sprinter Man Kaur was a no-show. Stan writes: “I have spoken with the Indian Team management and they have not heard any further from her family and assume she did not come. Today is the last day of competition and this is mainly relays plus some throwing events. I have been trying desperately to get the results so that I could get them onto the WMA website. No luck. Everything is processed in Chinese and then translated into English, but I cannot find anyone to provide me with the results so that I can email them on. I was warned that this area of China had little English, but it has been worse than I anticipated. Certainly they have tried hard to supply interpreters and I have always had one nearby, but when it comes to getting the officialdom co-operation, well that has been another story. There does not seem to be an awareness that the rest of the world would like to know what is happening within this region.  Something to work on in the future.” But at least we see China led the medal standings. (And the USA is listed with zero medals. Which Yank(s) competed?)

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September 27, 2017

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  1. Ken Stone - September 28, 2017

    A friend found the entry list, with sked, at least:

    The lone USA entrant was in the M70 200:
    John Wasko USA 1944.06.20

  2. Gerard Oreilly - September 29, 2017

    I competed in the Asia Masters in Rugao. I represented Ireland and competed as a guest. It was an amazing experience

  3. Quick Silver - September 30, 2017

    About 2000 entries, 900 from China. China has never previously fielded a strong team at these championships, but this time they seem to have made a serious effort to turn out the coaches at their many provincial sports schools. The colour commentators had many previous international stars to highlight.

  4. Luigi Fasolato - October 2, 2017

    The results are insert in the menu ‘Event schedule’

  5. Ken Stone - October 2, 2017


    Thanks, Luigi!

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