Record M70 relay had a little supernatural help

Now it can be told. The recent world indoor record 4×2 relay team, made up of four 70-year-olds, benefited from PED. No, not drugs — performance-enchancing deity. The Rev. Dick Camp, No. 3 leg on the 1:54.05 team, writes: “Two things stand out in my memory: 1) Rich (Rizzo) asked me to lead the team in a prayer before the race. We asked that God would be honored in our performance; 2) as I completed my leg, I gave an extra lunge to be sure Bob Lida got the baton in our handoff, and I fell hard. The strawberries on my hip, shoulder, and knee are pleasant reminders of that extra effort.” We pray that Dick will be recovered for Boston nationals and certainly for Orono outdoors nationals. In his other life, Dick is executive director of A Christian Ministry in the National Parks, based in Freeport, Maine.

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March 10, 2007

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  1. Steve Nearman - March 10, 2007

    I was there to witness this extraordinary display of youthfulness at the Armory. I cannot even imagine some 23 years from now that I will be walking, much less running 26-28 seconds for 200. We tend to take these guys for granted because they seem to make it look so easy. I think our sport owes all four men a tremendous amount of gratitude as trailblazers and as role models for how to be supremely competitive, noticeably understated, and amazingly dedicated to greatness. Congrats to all four and hopefully you will get together again at Worlds and bring that record down some more.

  2. Francis A Schiro - March 13, 2007

    I agree with Steve 100%. These four athletes are NOT only World Record setting athletes they are humble and true role models for ALL of us.If you can find a better collection of quality PEOPLE (not only athletes) than Larry Colbert Richard Rizzo Dick Camp and Robert Lida please let me know.After wasting so much “print” on those dimwit pretenders Worlock and Marren i marvel that there is only one comment to date on this very REAL accomplishment!!!!!???? We athletes who actually RUN, train, sacrifice…rather than TALK should recgnize the incredible accomplishment of the men on this relay team. Thank you Larry, Richie, Rev.,and Bob…you honestly motivate me and give me real hope for the future. Stay healthy and lets see some more action!!!!

  3. Rich Rizzo - March 13, 2007

    Thank You F.A.S. We all apprieciate your compliment.And I personally know exactly how you feel and what you have contributed to the sport in regards to racing and the politics of our organisation! I do agree with you in that our peers should regognize the fact that there should be more voices heard on our behalf from the higher authority in the Master’s Associations across the nation.

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