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Q&A with Milan Jamrich: American HJ record-holder

Milan Jamrich has come a long way, baby. Born May 14, 1950, in Czechoslovakia, he high-jumped 7 feet (2.13) as a young man, emigrated to America and became a citizen — and a world-class scientist. Last weekend, in his sixth or seventh nationals, he cleared 1.73 (5-8) to claim gold at Boston — and the […]

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George Mathews calls for USATF divorce, drug tests

George Mathews, who resigned as USATF Masters T&F chair last year, let his hair down for an interview in the new issue with GeezerJock magazine editor Sean Callahan. Among other things, George confirms my earlier posts on why he quit as chair. And he also renews his call for the masters to ditch USATF and […]

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New mess for masters: boogered Age-Graded Tables

Houston, we have a problem. The latest set of WMA Age-Graded Tables appears to have flaws. Gary Duncan has written me about these (see way below). And Rex Harvey, the WMA’s pointman on the tables, even admits problems with scoring the latest USATF Indoor Masters Multi-event Championships (also see below). On top of all this, […]

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Peter Taylor’s parting thoughts on Boston nationals

Peter Taylor waxes philosophical (and a bit nostalgic) in the final installment of reports looking back on the 2007 masters indoor nationals. His first report mentioned his announcing ordeal, and his second filing focused on many of the stars of the meet. Peter begins his third report with the question: Did we “have ourselves a […]

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Tony Plaster’s response to latest Boston remarks

Tony Plaster has asked me to post the following: “1. Yes, I was getting individual lap splits from my friend after the finish line. I went there with a time goal to try and get a medal , and wanted to know if I ran slower than 41.5 at any time.”

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More details on the ‘Tony Plaster disaster’ at Boston

In addition to Steve Vaitones’ version of events at Boston, I received this note from a witness (whose name I’ve chosen to withhold): “I witnessed Tony’s lap-counting misfortune, and while the officiating certainly contributed to the situation by not having enough lap counters, I would think that Tony also bears some responsibility. While there was […]

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Kathy Bergen, W65 sprinter, is first profile in a series

Kathy Bergen wasn’t at Boston. But her legacy in the indoor sprints and high jump looms large. My wife, Chris, interviewed her last season, and the resulting profile is now posted here. Chris hopes to profile other masters athletes for my Web site (and illustrate them with photos). Chris, BTW, is a former reporter for […]

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Mother of seven wins four golds, sets 2 relay records

More great stories are filtering out of Boston. Here’s one of them, shared by Julie Hayden of Athena Track Club: “Joan Hunter, a 43-year-old mother of seven from Purcellville, Virginia, won national titles in the W40 400 and 800 Meters and anchored Athena Track Club relay teams to a pending a world indoor record in […]

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Poor officiating robs M55 runner of a Boston medal

Tony Plaster is a runner, not a whiner. So it’s not his style to complain about bad calls. But he apparently was deprived of a third-place medal at Boston. With a little egging on from a few folks, he’s confirmed the following report from one of my masters moles: “(M55) Tony Plaster of the Shore […]

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Kathy Bergen: California sprinter jumps from record to record

  Posted March 28, 2007   Kathy Bergen outkicks a younger sprinter, Lynn Naftel, in the 100-meter dash at the Club West Masters Meet in October 2002 in Santa Barbara, California.   Kathy battles with Sullivan Award finalist Phil Raschker in the Age-Graded 100 race at the 2003 USATF National Masters Outdoor Championships in Eugene, […]

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