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‘No pain, no gain’? Better yet: ‘Hear a pop, you’d better stop’

Former GeezerJock magazine editor Sean Callahan delivers some nice information in his latest article involving masters tracksters. He quotes M60 thrower Mike Thomason and sprinter Allan Tissenbaum, an injury expert and surgeon, who said: ” “Any time there’s swelling, that’s an injury. Stop the game, stop training, stop what’s going on. And anytime you feel […]

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Live from La Mesa! It’s La Mesa Patch! (Ken’s online newspaper)

Eight weeks in the making, La Mesa Patch went live at 7 this morning. Please check out the website I populated with too many helpers to enumerate. Biggest thanks go to my wife, Chris. Her contributions and support would take a terabyte hard drive to list. Suffice to say, Chris kept me from going nutso. […]

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Dallas Kloke dies in climbing tragedy; M70 national steeple medalist

The Associated Press reports the death of Washington State’s Dallas Kloke, M70 silver medalist at Sacramento nationals in the 2,000-meter steeplechase. He was subject of a search, according to local paper. “Kloke was just short of one of the east summits on the Pleiades at 7,320 feet with a five-person climbing party Saturday when he […]

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Happy birthday to Willie Gault — pledging Boltlike WRs at age 50

Willie Gault, former NFL superstar and certified freak of nature, turned 50 on Sept. 5 and I missed it. Oops, sorry. A story in Fanhouse, however, reminded me that Willie is ready for an assault on the record books. We learn from reporter Michael David Smith: “Willie Gault, who recently turned 50, says he can […]

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Daddy Bush, wife have honorary roles at National Senior Olympics

Interesting report from NSGA:. “We are thrilled to announce that President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush have agreed to serve as honorary chairs of the 2011 Summer National Senior Games presented by Humana in Houston on June 16-30. ‘The Bushes embody the spirit the National Senior Games celebrates — two individuals who have remained very […]

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T-minus two days: La Mesa Patch ready for Wednesday launch

My baby is ready to fly. For the past eight weeks, I’ve been getting La Mesa Patch set to launch. It’s the online newspaper I mentioned as my new job. If you’d be so kind, would you please go to this info page and sign up for an email alert? The alert will tell you […]

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Brant Tolsma raises own world record in M60 double decathlon

So if the winner of the Olympic decathlon is the world’s greatest athlete, what do you call victors in the double decathlon? The world’s greatest superstars? Whatever you call them (including crazy beyond belief), you got to give double-decars credit for courage for hanging in there this past weekend at Lynchburg University, where they held […]

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Canadian TV featuring 3 Southern California masters track stars

Doug Smith reports that a Canadian TV station has started showcasing three California masters tracksters. Doug writes, and quotes director Genevieve Brault: “Our ‘109’ episode on Masters Athletes will air next week on RDI (Réseau de l’information) in Canada. The episode is called “Médaillés d’âge d’or” (Golden Age Medalist) and will air according to the […]

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Watch masters men and women run Fifth Avenue Mile right here

Weldon Johnson, or WEJO of fame, sent me a note that Sunday morning’s Fifth Avenue Mile will be live-streamed on the Web, and you can see it via the screen below. Races start at 9 a.m. Eastern time. And M35 never-to-run-masters Bernard Lagat is in the elite field along with Alan Webb. Watch live […]

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Race of the Sexes uses WMA age-graded tables to declare winner

The BBC cites World Masters Athletics and quotes various age-grading experts in a story posted yesterday. It basically tries to answer the question: When is a woman equal to an older man in distance running. Lucy Proctor, 28, says she challenged her 52-year-old colleague David Lewis to race in the Great North Run half-marathon. “Then […]

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