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W65 Kathy Martin puts 3K WR outtasight with 11:35.98 at Daegu

Kathy Martin established herself Wednesday as a front-runner for WMA Female Athlete of the Year by lowering her W65 PR in the indoor 3000. Of course, that means another world record. This time, she clocked an incredible 11:35.98. That beats her previous W65 best of 11:37.19 at the Armory and the listed WR of 11:49.53 […]

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Meb Keflezighi, WR holder Kim Collins signal ends of elite careers

Kim Collins will not be Bill Collins, we learned over the weekend. The St Kitts & Nevis M35 and M40 world-record holder at 100 (crazily faster at 40 than 35 — 9.93 to 9.96) says he is retiring after IAAF London worlds this summer. That means he won’t be challenging the 11.44 M55 WR by […]

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Woodard at 48 hopes for ‘fairness’ in getting latest 400 WR ratified

Daegu coverage again delayed for latest details on Allen Woodard’s 400 WR. He reports that the race was run in 79-degree and windy conditions, and “coming home there was a good headwind. I’m happy to have run my fastest time so far in these conditions. … I am really looking forward to a great season […]

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M45 Allen Woodard lowers own 400 WR to astounding 49.09

Last April, Allen Woodard of Houston was open about his 400-meter goal: sub-49 at age 46. A year later, he’s closer still. At Saturday’s Texas Southern University Relays, Allen clocked an incredible 49.09 against the kiddies to lower his own listed M45 outdoor American record of 49.32 at 2016 Grand Rapids nationals. (The listed WR […]

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Why is British team at Daegu worlds bigger than America’s?

Athletics Weekly reports that many of the nearly 600 Brits from their masters nationals are entered at Daegu worlds. Tom Phillips counted 109. This means a country a fifth the size in population of America has more entrants. I can only guess why. UK’ers take “athletics” more seriously. They have more disposable income. They have […]

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Canada’s Christa Bortignon warms up for Daegu with 2 W80 WRs

As Americans and old and new friends flood into Daegu for worlds this weekend, we should pause to appreciate last weekend’s Canadian masters nationals at Toronto Track & Field Centre at York University. Daegu-bound Christa Bortignon, who turned 80 in late January, set two world records as close to 260 entrants made it the largest […]

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Pete Magill credits Cal Coast teammates on, off track for 5K AR

Pete Magill is the Bill Collins of distance comebacks. Let me explain. With his M55 American record Friday in the track 5K, Pete pulled off a 15:42.13 in the wake of fighting injuries from age 53 1/2 to 54 1/2, when “I wasn’t sure I’d ever come back strong,” he says. In Bill’s case, his […]

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Ed Whitlock dies at 86; greatest masters distancer of all time. Period

Like a metric ton of bricks this hit. My inbox overflowed with the shocking news that Ed Whitlock, my email pal and Canadian track hero for years, had died at 86 of prostate cancer. A year ago, we were chatting about fetching M85 records in the 1500 and up. In the past eight years alone, […]

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101 Americans are Daegu-bound, but no Dalmatian jokes

But headlines are fair game, Disney fans. In a news release set to go live Monday, Peter Taylor and Bob Weiner share highlights of Team USA set for Daegu worlds starting March 19. One revelation is W75 Marie-Louise Michelson is “making a comeback after being away from the action for a while.” I covered some […]

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China scratches from Daegu World Masters Indoor Championships

Worst fears are realized. This reply came early Friday from WMA President Stan Perkins of Australia: “I have just received a formal notification from the Chinese Athletics Federation that the team who were to attend the WMA Indoors Championships to be held in Daegu have taken the decision to withdraw from the championships. This notification […]

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