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M80 Bob Lida named USATF Athlete of the Week for Daegu WRs

Bob Lida of Wichita wasn’t in Kansas anymore. South Korea was about as far as you get from Dorothy and Toto Land. In fact, Bob was the Wizard of Daegu — setting M80 world records in the 200 and 400. And topping off the week, he was named USATF Athlete of the Week. “Lida surpassed […]

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That’s the way of worlds, son — it’s a souped-up all-comers meet

Jay Stone of Australia won two gold medals at Daegu. Nice! Congrats. But don’t expect his local paper to provide details. Like how old he is, or what his times were. Trivial stuff. But Jay is a great illustration of the all-comers-meet nature of worlds. It’s not his fault that his M35 group was weak. […]

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Sumi Onodera-Leonard dies at 88; small champ with biggest heart

Mark Cleary sends very sad news: “Sumi Onodera-Leonard passed away on Saturday, March 25, around 5:30pm. She was an active member of the SoCal Track Club since 2002. She set several age group American records (even world records as a W80) and won countless national titles as recently as 2016. Sumi was inducted into the […]

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M70 Kent Brown takes handicap 200 at Bobby Lane Invite in Texas

Wayne Bennett reports from Texas on the latest edition of the 200-meter age-graded handicap exhibition at the Bobby Lane Invitational at UT Arlington. Wayne, now 80, won last year. On Saturday, the victor was Dr. Kent Brown, 72, who ran 145.3 meters in 19.47. Second was Matt Pace, 62, 154.6 in 20.60, then Marcus Santi, […]

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Watch for Daegu stories as 4,000 athletes return home, post videos

Folks are returning to their home countries after Daegu worids, and local media are cheering their achievements. Over the next few months, watch for many more. In Germany, the track federation celebrated M50 Roland Gröger and compatriots with records. “I did not enter the 60 meters to concentrate fully on the 400 meters,” said Gröger […]

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USA’s Allie, Powell, Wilson and Collins crank out M65 4×2 WR

How do you do better than this for an M65 relay — Charles Allie, Charles Powell, Thad Wilson and Bill Collins? That dream team made four circuits of the Daegu track to set a 4×200 world record of 1:48.58 Saturday to slice the listed WR of 1:49.78 by a Guido Müller-anchored German team at 2004 […]

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WRs drop like flies at Daegu: Kathy Martin, Bob Lida have 2 each

Kathy Martin on Saturday ran 1500 meters in 5:25.29 at Daegu worlds to crush the listed W65 WR of 5:36.88 by Britain’s Angela Copson. This means she now has WRs for 800, 1500, mile and 3000 this season. Also notching his second WR of the meet is M80 Bob Lida, whose 400 in 1:10.20 destroys […]

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W65 Kathy Martin puts 3K WR outtasight with 11:35.98 at Daegu

Kathy Martin established herself Wednesday as a front-runner for WMA Female Athlete of the Year by lowering her W65 PR in the indoor 3000. Of course, that means another world record. This time, she clocked an incredible 11:35.98. That beats her previous W65 best of 11:37.19 at the Armory and the listed WR of 11:49.53 […]

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Meb Keflezighi, WR holder Kim Collins signal ends of elite careers

Kim Collins will not be Bill Collins, we learned over the weekend. The St Kitts & Nevis M35 and M40 world-record holder at 100 (crazily faster at 40 than 35 — 9.93 to 9.96) says he is retiring after IAAF London worlds this summer. That means he won’t be challenging the 11.44 M55 WR by […]

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Woodard at 48 hopes for ‘fairness’ in getting latest 400 WR ratified

Daegu coverage again delayed for latest details on Allen Woodard’s 400 WR. He reports that the race was run in 79-degree and windy conditions, and “coming home there was a good headwind. I’m happy to have run my fastest time so far in these conditions. … I am really looking forward to a great season […]

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