USA’s Allie, Powell, Wilson and Collins crank out M65 4×2 WR

How do you do better than this for an M65 relay — Charles Allie, Charles Powell, Thad Wilson and Bill Collins? That dream team made four circuits of the Daegu track to set a 4×200 world record of 1:48.58 Saturday to slice the listed WR of 1:49.78 by a Guido Müller-anchored German team at 2004 Sindelfingen worlds. That’s an average of 27.15 per leg. Amazing. And three other Yank squads set American records on the final day of worlds — W55, M35 and M50. Masters media guru Bob Weiner did double duty at Daegu. He ran the M65 1500 (7:32.96), 3000 (DNF) and 8K cross country (48:49.00) all while overseeing publicity. Here’s his world meet wrap-up.

Yanks Collins, Powell, Wilson and Allie hear national anthem at their 4×2 medal ceremony. Photo via Jackie Thomas-Allie Facebook


(Daegu, South Korea and Washington, DC)—Team USA won 108 medals, including 42 Gold, 34 Silver, and 32 Bronze, at the World Masters Indoor Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea.

At the week-long track & field meet, concluded Saturday, two age group world records were set by 65 year-old distance runner Kathy Martin of Northport, New York, in the 3000 and 1500 meters, and two by 80 year-old sprinter Bob Lida of Wichita, KS in the 400 and 200 meters.

Throwers made an exceptional showing; ten of twelve left with medals according to Masters Vice-Chair Jerry Bookin-Weiner, among the 102 Americans entered. 85 year-old Gloria Krug of New Oxford, PA topped individual golds with seven field event wins.

On Saturday, the meet’s final day, USA teams made a superb showing in the 4X200 relays, including a world record by the men’s 65 team of Charles Allie, Charles Powell, Thad Wilson, and Bill Collins.

The women’s 55, men’s 35, and men’s 50 teams set American records in the 4X200.

74 nations and over 4600 athletes 35-99 competed in Daegu. Top teams in golds and overall medals were Australia 59/124, Great Britain 50/118, USA 42/108, Spain 38/80, Germany 27/83, host South Korea 27/65, Japan 26/70, and France 26/66.

Meet photos (by Rob Jerome) of several American stars in action in Daegu may be found at:

Many thanks to Rob for his outstanding contribution.

Full results are available at:

USA Medals are detailed below by USATF Masters Awards Co-Chair Mary Trotto, and Records by Masters Awards Co-Chair Rachel Guest.

2017 Daegu Korea WMA Indoor Championships
(Chart by Mary Trotto, MTF Awards Co-Chair)


Kathy Martin W65 3000 & 1500m both World Records,
W65 8k Cross Country
Bob Lida M80 60m: 200m & 400m both World Records
Gloria Krug W85 Hammer, Discus, Javelin, Weight Throw, Shot Put, Long Jump, Triple Jump
Ed Hearn M65 Javelin
Maurelhena Walles W40 60m
Bill Collins M65 60m & 200m
Joy Upshaw W55 Long Jump & 200m
Robert Foster M55 60m
William Harvey M70 Shot put, Discus
Jefferson Souza M40 Pentathlon
Gary Patton M70 3000m & 1500m
Stefan Petersson M50 Javelin
William Yelverton M55 200m
Marie Louise Michelsohn W75 200, 400m, 800m &1500m
Lorraine Jasper W55 800m
Katrina Geurkink W55 Discus & Shot
Charlie Allie M65 400m
Antwon Dussett M40 400m
Lorraine Jasper W55 1500m
Bruce McBarnette M55 High Jump
Peter Mullin M65 ½ marathon
4 x 200m M65 World Record Charlie Allie, Thad Wilson, Charles Powell, Bill Collins
4 x 200m W55 Cheryl Bellaire, Lorraine Jasper, Sandy Triolo, Joy Upshaw
4 x 200m M35 Durran Dunn, Andrew Hogue, Antwon Dussett, Jassel Torres
4 x 200m M50 Clinton Aurelien, Damon Blakeman, Marcus Shute, Robert Thomas


W50 XC Team of Kathy Martin, Tina Klein, Kathleen Frable
Kathleen Frable W70 3000m &10K Race Walk
Susan Randall W40 3000m Race Walk, 10k Race Walk
Ray Feick M85 Javelin
Katrina Geurkink W55 Hammer Throw & Weight Throw
Joy Upshaw W55 60m & 60m Hurdles
Mary Wilkens W55 Shot
Charlie Allie M65 60m & 200m
Bob Cedrone M60 Weight Throw & Hammer
Ed Hearn M65 Shot Put
Gary Patton M70 800m
Peter Brady M45 800m & 1500m
Mark Williams M40 800m
Ray Feick M85 Weight Throw & Discus
Robert Cozens M80 200m & 400m
Kathy Martin W65 800m
Robert Thomas M50 200m &400m
Antwon Dussett M40 200m
Thad Wilson M65 60m Hurdles
Jeferson Souza M40 60m Hurdle
William Yelverton M55 400m
4 x 200m W40 Nedenia West, Charmaine Roberts, LaDonna Garden, Maurelhena Walles
4 x 200m M70 Robert Cozens, Gary Patton, Ron Pate, Bob Lida


Norman Frable M 70 3000m & 10K RaceWalk
Kathleen Frable W70 8K Cross Country
Tina Klein W50 8K Cross Country
Katrina Geurkink W55 Javelin
Norma Hudnall W65 Long Jump and Triple Jump
Carolyn Langenwalter W75 60m, 800m & 400m
George Mathews M70 Weight Throw & Hammer Throw
Ron Pate M70 800m & 1500m
Cheryl Bellaire W55 3000m
Tina Klein W50 3000m
Ray Feick 85 Hammer Throw & Shot Put
Andrew Hogue M 40 Javelin
Mary Wilkins W55 Weight Throw
Kelly Dworak W50 ½ marathon
Damon Blakemore M50 60 Hurdles
Lorraine Jasper W55
Coreen Steinbach W65 1500m
Marcus Shute M50
Mark Williams M40 1500m
Latashia Key W40 1500m
4 X 200m M55: Jim Schoffman, Bruce McBarnette, Mike Berryman, Stephen Gould
4 x 200m M45: William Yelverton, Calvin Padgett, John Cormier, Robert Foster

(Information by Rachel Guest, MTF Awards Co-Chair)
Kathy Martin W65 3000m (11:35.98)

Kathy Martin W65 1500m (5:25.29)

Bob Lida M80 200m (29.15)

Bob Lida M80 400m (70.20)

Charles Allie, Charles Powell, Thaddeus Wilson, Bill Collins M65 4×200 1:48.58

Kathleen Frable W70 3000m walk (19:02.02) 

Gloria Krug W85 Disc (15.75m) 

Gloria Krug W85 TJ (3.41m)

Gloria Krug W85 WT 8.10m

Gloria Krug W85 SP (6.81m)

Gloria Krug W85 long jump (1.46m but jumped 1.51m in ABQ as pending record) 

Jefferson Souza M40 Pentathlon (3915)

Kathy Martin W65 800m (2:47.02) 

Lorraine Jasper W55 400m (66.86)

Nedenia West, Charmaine Roberts, LaDonna Gooden, Maurelhena Walles W40 4×200 (1:53.46)

Cheryl Bellaire, Sandra Tripoli, Lorraine Jasper, Joy Upshaw W55 (2:00.51)

Duran Dunn, Antwon Dussett, Andrew Hogue, Jassiel Torres M35 (1:33.95)

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March 25, 2017

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  1. Doug Spencer - March 26, 2017

    congrats amazing running

  2. Anthony Treacher - March 26, 2017

    Well done USA 4x200m relay. I was on the GBR last leg against Bill Collins. Never saw him though.

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