Search Results dead? Huge loss to sport if reports are true

The most serious and comprehensive masters track statistical site in history has closed. Shut after seven years. That’s the word from an Eastern European friend, with access to other sources. Masters Mole 377(c)2 wrote me in late October 2013: “All masters athletes are probably extremely disappointed to learn that Martin [Gasselsberger] has given up maintaining […]

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World outdoor rankings for 2011 showing up on

It ain’t perfect, but it’s all we have. Martin Gasselsberger of Austria has been adding great seasonal stats to his world rankings page. See it here. He’s even reaching down to M30 and W30 submasters. It’s out of date already, of course, since it doesn’t list Clare Look-Jaeger’s world-leading 1.62 high jump of last […]

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Today in the IAAF Lounge I discovered a European-based stats site that has the potential to advance the masters movement as much as, uh, us. It’s called and it features records and seasonal rankings not seen anywhere since, uh, us. But enough snarkiness. This page is a player, with sharp design and serious content. […]

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Now we’re cooking with GAS! For the first time since 2002, a world masters seasonal rankings for all events is online. Dave Clingan of Oregon was the last to pull off this incredible feat. His worthy successor is Martin Gasselsberger of Austria. Check ‘out Martin’s 2006 masters list at These rankings are eye-opening. For […]

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Bahamas’ Chris Brown claims M35 indoor WR for 400 meters

At the same meet in Glasgow that 39-year-old Bernard Lagat won the 3000 in 7:49.83, another M35 quietly crushed the listed indoor WR in the 400. Chris Brown of the Bahamas clocked 45.93, which beats the 47.45 of France’s Pierre-Mariew Hilaire in 2001. But given the sausage factory that is masters track record-keeping, who know […]

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Martin Gasselsberger of Switzerland, the founder and webmeister of has updated his world masters rankings in time for Orono nationals and Riccione worlds. Among its many revelations: Jeff Hartwig and Pat Manson aren’t the only stud M35 vaulters around. In fact, the No. 2 M35 in the world is Bulgaria’s Ilian Efremov, who jumped […]

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Diane Cummins is threat to Podko’s W40 WR for 800 meters

I really want Diane Cummins to break the W40 world record for 800. Why? Her name is so much easier to type than Yekaterina Podkopayeva, the listed WR holder from Russia. (That’s why I generally write Podko for short.) Diane showed her fitness Thursday night at the Oxy elite meet in Los Angeles, when she […]

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World seasonal rankings site coming from datamaster John Seto

M50 thrower John Seto, the hero who launched and managed for Americans, plans to take his show on the global road. Today he announced (via comments here and Facebook postings) that he’s ready to take up the slack for the hobbled site by Austrian Martin Gasselsberger. John is getting help from several people. […]

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Legendary Joe Keshmiri’s M60 shot record falls to Quenton Torbert

In my rush to celebrate Laurie Rugenstein’s mile world record (unlikely to be ratified), I overlooked another 60-something’s record: Quenton Torbert threw the 5-kilo shot 16.67 meters (54-8 1/4). The mark at the Mid-America USATF regional meet in Fort Collins, Colorado, beat the listed M60 American record of 16.46 (54-0) by the late throwing legend […]

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More than 130 are underwriting world masters rankings site

John Seto is sizzling. His self-serve masters rankings (aka seasonal lists) are taking over the world. And his fan base is growing as well, with close to 140 athletes listed as donors. One M55 sprinter, Mark Davis, has kicked in at least $500. John’s site also pledges planned improvements, including age-graded rankings and converted […]

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Geoff Bramley, my Down Under doppelgänger, has posted 40 videos shot from the stands at the World Masters Games. Click here for a growing list. Many heats of the 100 and 800, plus finals, are up, including some showing folks running in the rain and Michael Waller’s M50 victory. Geoff’s site also introduces a new book […]

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Introducing another major player:

Geoff Bramley of Brisbane, Australia, didn’t take baby steps when he conceived his marvelous masters Web site. He chose a domain name with grown-up ambitions: Although the site launched last November, I wasn’t aware of it until he contacted me this month. And I immediately replied, calling his site “WONDERFUL!” And I sent some […]

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Neni Lewis hammers W50 world record in the ball-and-chain

According to these results from the USATF Mid-Atlantic Masters Championships in Chester, Pennsylvania, Oneithea “Neni” Lewis spun the hammer 53.14 meters (174-4) and shattered the listed W50 world record of 51.73 (169-8) by Australia’s Marja Leena Parviainen in 1998. (It also beats the 52.24/171-5 by Anne Bellanger of France, noted on The old American […]

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John Seto calls for comments, testing of world masters rankings site

Masters rankings guru John Seto says the demonstration site for world masters rankings is running. See it at John adds: “This site is still being modified, but you will see changes and improvements often. The only results in this system are from the 2013 WMA championships. Athletes will be able to start entering their […]

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Gary Hunter vaults 15-8 at age 53 — but new WR is unlikely

Doug “Bubba” Sparks reports on the PVP message board that M50 Gary Hunter cleared 15-8 (metrically about 4.77) at a special beach vault Saturday in Texas. “It was a beautiful day with a fast runway and nice tailwind,” Bubba writes. “I don’t know that it will count as a WR, but he sure made it nicely in […]

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Daniel Alonzo’s age aberration: 42 in 2009 results but 49 today

In 1996, Daniel Alonzo set the Dominican Republic’s national record in the javelin. According to his IAAF bio, Daniel threw the pointy stick 70.80 meters (229-8) when he was 35. His Dominican record still stands, says his national federation. Fourteen years later, a Daniel Alonzo now competes in masters meets — as a 49-year-old American. […]

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2009 world rankings posted, revealing potential USA record

Martin Gasselsberger of Austria has posted his 2009 masters rankings — combining world indoor and outdoor season lists — at his ever-amazing site, While skimming the lists, I noticed at least one potential American age-group record. It’s the W35 5000-meter run. The listed American record is 15:15.2 by Francie Larrieu back in 1988. But […]

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Bernardine Portenski: the best runner you’ve never heard of

If Bernardine Portenski lived in New York, Boston or Los Angeles, she’d be a national hero. Instead, she lives in a place called Wellington on a remote island nation southeast of Australia — and barely rates a whisper in masters track. But she’s the real deal. Last month, when Bernie (as she calls herself) wrote […]

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Ivar Söderlind updates Eurovets records masterfully — yet again

Europe is a big place. It has lots of countries. So keeping track of European masters records is one bear of a job. But Sweden’s Ivar Söderlind, statistician for the Eurovets, does it year after year, with great care and professionalism. His latest roundup of records is posted here. Ivar writes: “In 2010, up to […]

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W60 world record for 5000 held by three women at once?

Here’s a trivia question: Who holds the W60 world record for 5,000 meters?  We’re talking the standard outdoor track 5K — none of this roadie nonsense. Easy, you say. Just saunter over to the WMA records page for women. Voila: It’s Marion Irvine, the legendary running nun from Northern California whose 19:14.8 mark turns 20 […]

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