Where is Robin Williams as French mocker when we need him?

A month ago, I noted how the German track federation was rejecting any records set at the Auckland World Masters Games because — horrors! — satanic dope-fiend Russian masters were allowed to compete. I summoned the Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld” to illustrate the inanity of that stand. So who do I recruit for comment on the news that the French are shunning results from the WMG and the European Masters Games? Yes, the contagion has spread. According to Alfred Hermes’ German masters site: “The French national commission for seniors’ athletics (CNAM) announces that Fédération Française d’Athlétisme (FFA)’s results obtained from European Masters Games and World Masters Games are not included in their publications and record lists. Both events are organized by a private organization, which is not recognized by IAAF, WMA, AEA or EMA. Therefore, there will be no advertising for these events on CNAM and FFA websites.” OK, now you’re getting it, you Jerry Lewis-loving snail-eaters! How about a leetle Robin Williams?

And if that doesn’t stick in your craw, you mime-idolizing Disneyland copycats, how about a little Julia Child playing a chef from “Psycho”?

C’mon, folks! Can’t we all just get along?

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May 20, 2017

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