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Pete Taylor on last legs as USATF masters nationals announcer?

Pete Taylor, 71, has wisened since my last full-blown interview with him in 2002. He’s also been through several medical wringers. But Pete is always worth listening to — either as a meet announcer or masters observer — so here’s another Q&A. This time, I delve into his day job. And his boss at Palladian […]

June 17, 2016   Posted in: Uncategorized  33 Comments

Masters urged to guarantee Pete Taylor’s presence in 2008

M45 runner Steve Nearman is a fine writer. But his main gig is financial planning. And what he really wants to see is meet announcer Peter Taylor financially assured for the 40th anniversary of the U.S. masters nationals a year from now in Spokane, Wash. Steve writes: “While it is too early to know what […]

August 12, 2007   Posted in: Uncategorized  14 Comments

Pete Taylor confirmed as Boston indoor announcer

Contrary to rumors, Pete Taylor will indeed be a meet announcer at the USATF Masters Indoor Championships in Boston in late March. His selection became official this week after a meeting of event organizers. But for reasons not yet made public, Pete will announce only Saturday and Sunday events, he reports. Not Friday. It’s not […]

January 9, 2007   Posted in: Uncategorized  2 Comments

Pete Taylor’s Charlotte odyssey: Long days, short races

I like to say of nationals: “Every athlete has a story.” I wish to amend that — EVERYONE has a story, esepcially our favorite guest commentator, Peter Taylor, who added to his legend as meet announcer at Charlotte by enduring long days, schedule delays and other circumstances. His recollections of the four-day meet (plus a […]

August 25, 2006   Posted in: Uncategorized  14 Comments

Amid the heat, chills ran up Pete Taylor’s spine

Now it can be revealed. The “air-conditioned” press box where Pete Taylor held forth for countless hours in Charlotte was barely that. He writes: “Yes, I used ice bags under my shirt on Thursday and Friday, and in the dormitory public room I credit Julie Hayden (ran a sparkling 5:06.64 1500 in W45) with saving […]

August 12, 2006   Posted in: Uncategorized  2 Comments

Pete Taylor begins reflections on Charlotte

Meet announcer Pete Taylor, recovering from four hideously long days of Charlotte excitement, has sent the first of several compilations of notes and quotes on this past weekend’s masters nationals. Soon I’ll share my own hideously voluminous recollections — as well as photos and videos. Also in the meantime, send in your own favorite stories! […]

August 10, 2006   Posted in: Uncategorized  2 Comments

Pete Taylor looks forward to summer meets

I have a masters track friend in Florida who signs her email notes to me “ecc” and I reply to her by my nom de plume “wcc.” Our own inside joke. She’s “East Coast commie” and I’m “West Coast commie.” Now that Pete Taylor the announcer is contributing so much to this blog, I should […]

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Pete Taylor calls for changes to benefit field-event calls

Readers of this blog know that masters announcer Pete Taylor is held in high-esteem — with comments appended to various posts being testatment to this. But runners make up the bulk of these voices. Jumpers and throwers have a right to think: “What’s the big deal? When have I heard MY name announced?” Well, it’s […]

April 3, 2006   Posted in: Uncategorized  2 Comments

Penn Relays announcer dies; inspiration for Pete Taylor

USATF recently passed along the sad news that longtime Penn Relays announcer Jack O’Reilly had died at age 89. Why should masters care? He was a mentor for our own Pete Taylor. When I informed Pete of Jack’s passing, Pete shared this: “I enjoyed working with him at the Penn Relays, and he showed me […]

September 21, 2005   Posted in: Uncategorized  2 Comments

Pete Taylor checks in — with sense of humor intact

Well, it’s hard to keep a good announcer down. Despite his medical misfortunes, Pete Taylor reports from Virginia: “I worked a half day today, the first day since Jan. 21 that I made it to the office.” Pete sent me a chronology of his hospitalization. It’s pretty graphic in parts, but one thing’s for sure: […]

February 16, 2005   Posted in: Uncategorized  2 Comments