Search Results adds treasure trove on the Age-Graded Tables

On Feb. 20, 1999, Rex Harvey faxed Al Sheahen a copy of a letter he wrote to Len Olson, who was then writing (with my help) a history of masters track. I didn’t read the letter until Sunday — the fourth anniversary of Al’s death. Rex’s letter described the history of age-grading and the Age-Graded […]

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Jess Brewer posts new Age-Graded Tables lookup form for all ages

Jess Brewer of Canada and Howard Grubb of Britain have put their brilliant minds together on a long-overdue project: Posting an Age-Graded Tables online lookup tool that works for single ages and not just five-year age groups. The form is plain, but the results are fancy. See it here. The form relies on the current […]

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Age-Graded Tables get Guardian attention and blogger confusion

The Guardian — home to Ed Snowden’s revelations — is normally a first-class news outlet. But Ian Williams’ blog on the British site makes a mash of the Age-Graded Tables, saying: “Let’s concentrate on that 60-year-old man, and imagine him running his 10k at four-fifths of world record speed. WAVA automatically gives him full marks […]

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Race of the Sexes uses WMA age-graded tables to declare winner

The BBC cites World Masters Athletics and quotes various age-grading experts in a story posted yesterday. It basically tries to answer the question: When is a woman equal to an older man in distance running. Lucy Proctor, 28, says she challenged her 52-year-old colleague David Lewis to race in the Great North Run half-marathon. “Then […]

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Hy-Tek meet software updated to reflect 2010 Age-Graded Tables

Charlie Hodgson, who wrote the software to run swim and track meets, reports that his Hy-Tek program now incorporates the WMA 2010 age factors used to score combined events in masters meets. This is great news. The bad news: Not everyone scoring masters decathlons, heptathlons and throws pentathlons has the latest software from Hy-Tek. Hence, […]

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Germans giving new Age-Graded Tables some test runs

Stefan Waltermann at Spokane nationals. Get ready for a new Age-Graded Tables. As we telegraphed in December, WMA is rolling out a new set of tables that treat some age groups more fairly. The AGT make it possible for multi-eventers to use the IAAF tables to score their events, no matter what their age. The AGT […]

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Age-Graded Tables getting an expedited redo, WMA says

Just when we’re getting used to the 2006 Age-Graded Tables, work is under way on the 2010 tables, says World Masters Athletics. WMA Prez Monty Hacker reports: “WMA has decided to accelerate its periodic modification process of the Age Grading Tables to remove various deficiencies that have developed over several years as a result of […]

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Chuck Phillips updates his own Age-Graded Tables

Last April, I wrote about an Age-Graded Tables project by Chuck Phillips. Last week he gave me an update, writing: “While it still takes WMA five or so years to update their age-graded tables, I just updated mine in one week. On 19 November I downloaded 40 pages of published USATF records, entered the improved […]

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New mess for masters: boogered Age-Graded Tables

Houston, we have a problem. The latest set of WMA Age-Graded Tables appears to have flaws. Gary Duncan has written me about these (see way below). And Rex Harvey, the WMA’s pointman on the tables, even admits problems with scoring the latest USATF Indoor Masters Multi-event Championships (also see below). On top of all this, […]

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New, improved Age-Graded Tables now in Hy-Tek

Hy-Tek is the Microsoft of track-and-field software. It’s basically a monopoly. So it’s good to hear that the 2006 Age-Graded Tables are now incoorporated into Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager program. Yesterday, Charlie Hodgson of Hy-Tek wrote me: “After considerable effort and last-minute corrections to the tables by Rex Harvey, the full set of age grading tables […]

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