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Age-Graded Tables get Guardian attention and blogger confusion

The Guardian — home to Ed Snowden’s revelations — is normally a first-class news outlet. But Ian Williams’ blog on the British site makes a mash of the Age-Graded Tables, saying: “Let’s concentrate on that 60-year-old man, and imagine him running his 10k at four-fifths of world record speed. WAVA automatically gives him full marks […]

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Germany’s Guido Müller goes sub-50 in 300 hurdles at age 75!

German masters nationals were held in Erfurt, and two world records are reported. One by old reliable Guido Müller takes my breath away. At age 75, he ran the 300-meter hurdles in 49.65. That crushed the listed WR of 52.91 by Canada’s Earl Fee in 2005. On the Age-Graded Tables, Guido’s time is worth 44.34 […]

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Race of the Sexes uses WMA age-graded tables to declare winner

The BBC cites World Masters Athletics and quotes various age-grading experts in a story posted yesterday. It basically tries to answer the question: When is a woman equal to an older man in distance running. Lucy Proctor, 28, says she challenged her 52-year-old colleague David Lewis to race in the Great North Run half-marathon. “Then […]

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Hy-Tek meet software updated to reflect 2010 Age-Graded Tables

Charlie Hodgson, who wrote the software to run swim and track meets, reports that his Hy-Tek program now incorporates the WMA 2010 age factors used to score combined events in masters meets. This is great news. The bad news: Not everyone scoring masters decathlons, heptathlons and throws pentathlons has the latest software from Hy-Tek. Hence, […]

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Germans giving new Age-Graded Tables some test runs

Stefan Waltermann at Spokane nationals. Get ready for a new Age-Graded Tables. As we telegraphed in December, WMA is rolling out a new set of tables that treat some age groups more fairly. The AGT make it possible for multi-eventers to use the IAAF tables to score their events, no matter what their age. The AGT […]

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Jess Brewer unveils Age-Graded calculator with 2014 WMA factors

As legend has it, Jess Brewer posted a note to an ancient track message board about crossing some desert to masters track. And then Ken Stone said aha, and started a website. (The legends are true, BTW.) But Saint Jess isn’t done inspiring. His latest miracle is taking the new WMA Age Factors and fashioning […]

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Age-Graded Tables getting an expedited redo, WMA says

Just when we’re getting used to the 2006 Age-Graded Tables, work is under way on the 2010 tables, says World Masters Athletics. WMA Prez Monty Hacker reports: “WMA has decided to accelerate its periodic modification process of the Age Grading Tables to remove various deficiencies that have developed over several years as a result of […]

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New mess for masters: boogered Age-Graded Tables

Houston, we have a problem. The latest set of WMA Age-Graded Tables appears to have flaws. Gary Duncan has written me about these (see way below). And Rex Harvey, the WMA’s pointman on the tables, even admits problems with scoring the latest USATF Indoor Masters Multi-event Championships (also see below). On top of all this, […]

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Chuck Phillips updates his own Age-Graded Tables

Last April, I wrote about an Age-Graded Tables project by Chuck Phillips. Last week he gave me an update, writing: “While it still takes WMA five or so years to update their age-graded tables, I just updated mine in one week. On 19 November I downloaded 40 pages of published USATF records, entered the improved […]

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Hurdler brews simple Age-Graded Tables utility

Jess Brewer, the cancer-conquering physicist in Vancouver, spends his weekdays studying muons and other quantum cuties. The rest of the time, he trains for M60 hurdles (in which he recently set a Canadian record in the 100 hurdles). He took a break from both this week by posting his own version of the 2006 Age-Graded […]

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The fish have their own Age-Graded Tables

Every so often, I dog-paddle my way over to U.S. Masters Swimming to see what’s up with the geezerfish. The other day, I came across something interesting — the swimmers’ version of the Age-Graded Tables. (This means trackfolk aren’t the only ones obsessing over how are marks compare with those in other age groups.) And […]

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Age-Graded Tables should get June rollout

Talked to Rex Harvey today after exchanging email with Norm Green, two masters officials involved in the “2002” redo of the hallowed Age-Graded Tables. The bottom line: The finished tables will go to National Masters News by mid-June, and NMN publisher Suzy Hess promises she’ll get the booklets distributed with great dispatch. The delay I […]

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Age-Graded Tables delayed by LDR dispute

Nearly four months ago, I posted my findings on why the new Age-Graded Tables had been delayed. At the time, the tables (aka Magic Decoder Ring of masters track) were supposedly weeks away from being sent to National Masters News for publication. But they still haven’t been disseminated. Why? Let AGT honcho Rex Harvey explain.

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Age-Graded Tables: tanned, rested and ready, eventually

Rex Harvey is used to multi-tasking. After all, he once excelled at the decathlon. (He competed in the 1976 Olympic Trials and in 1991 set a still-standing world M45 age-group record in the 10-event grind.) But his ability to juggle chores was no match for a couple criminals at the Holiday Inn Express in Long […]

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New, improved Age-Graded Tables now in Hy-Tek

Hy-Tek is the Microsoft of track-and-field software. It’s basically a monopoly. So it’s good to hear that the 2006 Age-Graded Tables are now incoorporated into Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager program. Yesterday, Charlie Hodgson of Hy-Tek wrote me: “After considerable effort and last-minute corrections to the tables by Rex Harvey, the full set of age grading tables […]

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Age Graded Tables finally arrive! And we have ‘em

WMA veep Rex Harvey today sent me this Microsoft Excel file (updated 5/18/06 to fix M55 shot factor) containing the Age Graded Tables — factors for multiplying your times or distances to see how they compare with marks in the “Open Class” (generally 20- to 30-year-olds) or any other age group. Officially, these tables are […]

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Costa Rica to host WMA regional meet for our neck of the woods

Jim Proctor posted this note on Facebook: “It’s OFFICIAL! The NCCWMA North America-Central America-Caribbean [Regional] Masters Championships will be held August 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Rainbow taken from the Crown Plaza Hotel before signing, a good omen, with President Marcos Fourier ADEMA, President NCCWMA Sandy Pashkin from Oregon USA, Brian Keaveney, Vice President […]

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Ed Whitlock, Karla Del Grande get big indoor WRs in mile, 200

The era of “soft records” in masters track ended years ago. Now we need a new category: “stunning records.” In that group you have to include M80 Ed Whitlock and W60 Karla Del Grande, whose latest WRs were set Sunday at the third Ontario mini-meet. (See complete results.) As Doug “Shaggy” Smith reports: “Ed Whitlock […]

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Bob Lida better than Mo Greene? Lowers own M75 WR in 60

Competing at Wichita State University, world champ Bob Lida clocked 8.44 seconds for 60 meters Saturday, blasting his own M75 world indoor record of 8.56 set at Jyväskylä worlds in 2012. Results of the Bill Butterworth Invitational are here. Bob, the 2012 IAAF Best Masters Athlete, writes from Kansas: “It [was] a well attended meet. Had […]

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Brad Barton blows away M45 steeplechase WR from 1984

Running against folks less than half his age, Brad Barton on Sunday blasted away the 30-year-old M45 world record in the 3K steeplechase, clocking 9:06.68 at the Music City Distance Carnival in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the same venue where Britain’s Anthony Whiteman, in 2012, became the first M40 to break the 4-minute mile barrier […]

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